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How Visual Elements Can Play A Part In Escalating Your Blog Post’s


Engagement Blogging is not everybody’s piece of cake and requires a lot of attention and concentration when it comes to building up words for the right content. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use in getting engaged to your audience, such as storytelling. 

However, words alone don’t stimulate the reader hence there is a lack of engagement. A blogger needs to learn how to incorporate visual elements in their blog posts. To know more about what key visuals, they help in improving your content, makes our blogs more enjoyable to read, and definitely brings in a lot of engagement. So what kind of visuals should be considered to add in your blogs? As a certified digital marketing professional and a marketing consultant, here’s some foolproof tips on how you may incorporate visual aids to actively engage audiences! Know all the answers to your valid questions by giving this blog a read!

1) Understand how people read your blog: Research shows that it takes up to 7 minutes for a reader to read your blog. That is quite a lot of words but people are taking less time in fully reading it. For avoiding such readability, you need to adjust your writing style. Get rid of lengthy paragraphs and large blocks of text. Instead, use short sentences and stick to paragraphs a few lines long at the most. Add visuals to break up the content. Be consistent, and establish a pattern with your visuals.

2) Create Infographics: This is a great way to make readers understand your message properly. Graphs help make your blog posts more legitimate. Using them is also a source of authenticity as it shows you have done quite a lot of research on your topic. Another reason why you should use graphs is that they help people retain information. You want people to remember what you’re telling them and so, you can even create your own infographics from plenty of websites. This will definitely boost your engagement.

3) Use Original Photos: You want your content to be unique as possible but this gets difficult as a lot of people share the same pictures in their blogs. It is always better to use original photos as it keeps you ahead in the game. Original content is like a breath of fresh air. Readers will feel the same way. If you’re into photography, you can pair that skill with your blogging platform. It proves that your blogs a valid, and will give a firsthand experience to the reader.

4) Add Screenshots: Another way to help improve engagement on your blog posts is by showing people how to do something. Think about how people are searching for topics on the Internet. If your posts include “how-to” guides or things of that nature, you’ll definitely want to include visual elements to illustrate your points or steps you are describing. It’s not easy to explain how to do something. But taking screenshots on your computer and marking them up with arrows, boxes, circles, and/or text can enhance your readers’ learning.

5) Add Videos: The immense use of videos is a great tactic to make your blog’s readability strong. The great thing about adding videos to your blog is that it’s really easy to do. You won’t necessarily have to create new video content for this. If you have a YouTube channel, you can always annotate a link of your video as it also increases your chances of viewership and makes your blogs’ content rich. Add captions as they increase views by 40%. Furthermore, if a video has captions, people are much more likely (an 80% increase) watch it in its entirety.


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