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The Future is Happening: Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality in the world of Marketing:


The Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality are no longer the talk of the ‘future’, in fact it is happening now! This new technology is huge, efficient and has a greater impact today compared to ever before. But to keep it concise I would only talk about the ways it is impacting the marketing trends! Let’s begin with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence:

Knowing what your customers want is all what marketing is about and finding that out with AI would be the real game changer. The Results. AI will play a critical role in how companies are going to deal with consumer buying behavior and in converting sales. With the help of AI today’s companies would be able to process and analyze a large volume of data in real time and would also be able to customize the purchasing experience and tailor it according to the needs of users.

Companies with the help of AI will have a greater exchange of information between the different parts of the logistics chain. This will allow the commercialization and mass production of customized products according to the taste of the consumer which is indeed revolutionary!

The Algorithm Development:

You already know that algorithms can be of tremendous help for marketers. Artificial intelligence will boost the pace of machine learning because now you can develop algorithms without having to hire resources for it. Artificial intelligence will do much of the legwork for you. Developing the right algorithms to refine your marketing processes should be a major priority for all companies in the coming year.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is no longer a sci-fi movie as we imagined it nor it is a game set, as against the general connotation of it. Virtual reality (VR) is an artificially generated environment by a 3D computer program which is presented to its user in a manner that simulates reality. Talking about marketing, the main objective of virtual reality is the simplification of the buying process, offering the experience of a physical store. Whether it’s a product, a service, or even a cause, marketers are always looking for new ways to offer prospects a memorable, unique experience with their brand. Now how well it works for you depends a great deal how creative you are with it.

VR is the most intriguing tool in the technological advancement and by looking at its potential I would like to add that VR will create a major difference between the smart marketers vs the ordinary ones.


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