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5 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Your Social Media & Nobody Warned You About It


5 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Your Social Media & Nobody Warned You About It

Undoubtedly social networks have revolutionized the way we communicate in recent times. Thanks to all the social media platforms, because of which thousands of people from different parts of the world have come together but there are also a few things you are doing wrong on your social media.

  1. Do not expose your personal life.
    You should take some caution while posting your thoughts on social media, and it shouldn’t seem like you are writing your life journal. The trivial or significant problems that you may have in your life, it is better to fix them in person and leave the not-so-nice postings aside. Because, firstly, they are not going to resolve the issue, secondly, they will portray a negative image of yours and will make impact your reputation amongst your ‘friends’.
  2. Never complain about your job.
    Sometimes people could be dissatisfied with their work, which could be because of the boss, the commutation frustration or just because of an intolerable peer. But in case you did not know, many companies monitor the accounts of their employees to know what they communicate about their jobs.
  3. Stop showing everything you get.
    There are people who Instagram their food every time they go to a restaurant, post pictures of tickets when they are out for movie or club, tweet about their new shoes, clothes, hairpin and what not. Sometimes or quite a few times, it is ok to share happenings with your friends, but being obsessed about posting everything to social media will make you live for it and you will lose the essence of the simple and real pleasures in your life.
  4. Love breaks
    You do not need to update your relationship status every now and then and let everyone know that with whom are you these days and with whom you are not. Now social networks offer options to “erase” that person from your profile silently and everything apparently goes smoothly at your social profiles while you can save your time finding better people in your life.
  5. Forget the Check-ins
    It’s great to be able to tell the world that you’re on vacation in a dream location, but why waste several precious holiday moments for posting ‘check-ins’ for each and every hotel, or cinema or even small restaurants that you go-to. Don’t bombard your friend’s timelines with your vacation stuff but you should do so for special occasions for sure!

Here, I tried to put down only the obvious mistakes that I am observing on our social media these days. All-in-all using social media is all about maintaining a good balance. So let me just wrap this up with the last note that when it comes to your social media postings, try and be reasonable, don’t go too much or too less and the rest will be fine.


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