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The Power Of Social Media: The Inside Story

Social Media The Inside Story

13th May 2017 – This was the day my passionate was going to translate into words, into actions, into doing what I am good at, help people with what they need. The Power Of Social Media: The Inside Story was held at Hotel Mehraan, Karachi. I had taken the initiative to share my experience on Entrepreneurship & Social Media for Business. I was definitely nervous, thinking about the turn-out, the type of people who I would come across, and most importantly if ‘IF I WOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO EVEN ONE OF THEM’.

Finally, it was time, the event started and I was called on stage. Initially I was taken aback looking at the response, looking at people from different backgrounds and their hunger to learn more about Entrepreneurship & Social Media. ‘Hunger’, this is what initially drove me towards my goals and helped me reach the position I am in today, and this is always the deciding factor between people who want to bridge the knowledge gap or just go with the flow. I was overwhelmed and excited at the same time, and gradually I started with my ‘so-called’ public speaking. To me, it was more of an interactive session, I love meeting new people, interacting with them and getting to know them better. That is what I was looking forward to here as well, simply that, I had a medium I could speak to everyone about; I also understood that people are actually interested in what I am going to speak about and that is why they are here.

I gradually settled at my own pace and started approaching one topic after another; all this while being greeted by active interaction by the energetic crowd present there. Their questions, their doubts, their queries made me realize that self-learning is not as important as knowledge sharing. It made me realize how important it is to bridge the gap and share my knowledge with everyone interested and everyone I could reach out to. Slowly, bit by bit, I covered Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Facts/Figures Revolving around Social Media, and how Social Media helps generate more revenue for Businesses. I could see the zeal in every individual and that kept me motivated throughout.

By the end of the event, a feeling of satisfaction was making its place inside me. The feeling of content to have been able to deliver, interact and get to know a bunch of people who I have never come across in my entire life. My only concern now was, ‘DID I MAKE A DIFFERENCE?’. Today, when I sit and put my thoughts into words, I feel yes, I did make a difference. The enormous support, appreciation and comments in the form of emails and personal messages made realize that there was a lot people took away that day, and I am glad I was the source of that information. I look forward to more such events where I can share as much as I can and learn as much as I can from the people present there.


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