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Social Media Hacks for 2017!


Social Media Hacks for 2017!

When it comes to Social Media, you don’t really need any particular set of rules to follow but in the world where everything is changing quickly, you have to stay updated. Here’s how:

Engage your audience through Facebook and be very CONSISTENT. On a separate note, use Facebook ads very tactfully by combining different types of advertisements for different business needs.

Instagram AD Campaigns are another way of engaging and reaching out to your target audience (which I have talked about in my previous blog in detail. If you haven’t, go read it first). Instagram Stories are highly recommended for you! Wondering Why? Instagram Stories are watched by 18% of the network’s 600 million active users each day. Now that’s a lot if you calculate.

Coming to Twitter, the 140 character limit can be annoying at times, so here’s the hack! At the end of your usual tweets, leave the cliffhangers along with the link that’ll take the audience to the site where everything is described in details! TADAA! Simple isn’t it? All you need here is some really strong content that should make the audience to actually click THAT link.

Now comes the very interesting part! You just have been told what to do… but where and when is the question of the day. Picking and choosing which Social Media Platform you should be using depends entirely upon your type of business and the industry you belong to. Your business should have a unique strategy combining Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. with different frequencies, timings and same consistency across all platforms to make the most out of the social media magic.

If you are able to follow the tips I have mentioned above, you are good to go, however while marketing, keep it in mind, don’t do social media for the sake of doing social media! If you are there, make the exception, go live on Facebook every other day, keep people curious and interested everyday; Always remember, engagement is what helps you win the case!!


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