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Maximizing Marketing Initiatives in AI’


The most important thing every marketer and marketing consultant strives for will always remain the same – gaining the trust of the consumers. Not an easy feat! 

Data mining is transforming marketing every second. Artificial Intelligence has managed a feat unlike any other – as it turns terabytes of consumer-generated interactions into customized experiences for all individuals. The best example of this would be of digital native brands, such as Netflix and Spotify. Their success is based on how they are able to curate actionable recommendations’ based on history.

A key point to note: consumers feel safe giving such brands their information. No one wants to feel like they’re being watched and hounded. Selligent marketing cloud study finds that 70% of people want a brand to understand a consumer’s individual situation – especially the context and timing. 

Are you ever scrolling through and find ads for something you saw days ago? No one likes to be tracked, so odds are, these people would be more careful of what links they click on due to the fear of having a target on your back for irrelevant ads weeks after. We know just how valuable our data is, so we’re not handing it over that easily. According to a study by PWC, 32% of customers would abandon the brand after just one bad experience. Online targeting is becoming a sensitive issue that must be dealt it – after all, one strike and you’re out.

This is exactly where developments in AI cash in. The 1:1 personalization across channels offered leads to the best facilitation for modern brands. They get to use such modern technology as a strong differentiator in their marketing technology strategy, as they create personalized and relevant experiences for their consumer base. 

Machine learning technology takes this a step further, and even delivers this news at carefully calculated times. Sure, your sales and revenue would increase, your reputation would skyrocket – but the biggest perk? You get to build long-lasting relationships with your consumers as you go down this path of unique engagement.

The main takeaway I’d like to highlight here is the power of adaptation. Not everyone realizes the value of these advancements till it’s too late – so take pride in making the first stride. Adapt your content, your data channels at a scale that ensures the highest possible brand communication, ultimately benefitting customer perceptions.

However, (currently) machine learning does not possess the capacity to understand human emotions and the peculiarities of human conversations. Understand the human element involved in such transactions. People assume AI to be a replacement when it’s actually a booster alongside a human – possibly the biggest misconception to have in 2020. We work with the best technology and improve ourselves, otherwise, you run the risk of alienating and losing customers. At the end of the day, we thus learn the importance of fostering human relationships.

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