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What Are The Factors That Are Influencing The Marketing Strategy Success


A marketing plan is the portrayal of different strategies that influence the successful advertising of a particular brand or a service. There are several factors and ideas if taken in the righteous direction will result in the successful marketing strategies. In order to make  your brand a hit in the arena, a blend of several characteristics is the basic need for a favorable outcome.

The marketing trends keep changing with the needs of the target group; hence the change in the marketing strategies is required quite often. To understand how
things go in the proper manner, a deep understanding of the current market is a necessity that needs to be followed.

  • Target Audience: It is one of the most influential terms in the marketing plan as your target audience makes or breaks your brand’s fate. It is very important to understand who you’re focusing as the better marketers will be able to reach the market insights; the better your brand/service will be advertised. Targeting an audience and positioning your brand without knowing what the needs and requirements are, is a no way to go as we’re talking about the launching of a product/service which is a prodigious deal!

  • Set Up Goals & Objectives: The understanding of what the nature of
    your product is and your goals and objectives in advertising the brand is
    vital, as a lot of deep efforts are needed to ensure proper marketing
    strategies are applied. Your predefined goals and objectives are what
    makes the base of your plan. They should be implemented no matter how
    as they act as the building blocks of your marketing proposal. These
    objectives can be both numerical and theoretical.

  • Communication Strategies: The right hit of a successful marketing strategy is to select legitimate communicational strategies and tactics. With the help of the understanding of a target audience and predefined goals and objectives will definitely lead to drive the selection of appropriate media choices. This factor should be executed with deep knowledge as a marketer gets to decide where and how to showcase their product. After this, proper media planning and buying strategies are planned by the media planners and further communicated to the production houses for advertising.

  • Competitors: Keeping a check on the competitor activities is beneficial for a victorious marketing plan as a marketer would know what others are doing and that it shouldn’t be the unique selling point of your product. To
    bring something new and unique in the market shouldn’t already exist as it will bring in a lot of competition for your newly introduced product in the market. There are times when competitors and the desired target audience can defame your brand which could lead to a negative image of a newly bought up product in the business.

  • PEST: Political, Economical, Social, and Technological factors are all external factors that should be undertaken to bring in a prosperous marketing strategy plan. To have strong research in the political and economic changes in the country is obligatory as it would decide the potential of your product. Changes in the structure and thinking of the society with the rapidly changing technological environment can have major implications on your market as your society decides the verdict of your brand and the technology makes sure your product stays up-to-date and doesn’t become obsolete.


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