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Making Your Brand Experience Stand Out

Making Your Brand Experience Stand Out

At this point, it’s safe to say that digital presence is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your brand. People are getting more and more comfortable with online purchases – with any hesitations mitigated due to the Covid-19 pandemic and massive upheaval of how we fundamentally operate. Since everyone’s now battling it out in this sphere, it’s important to see where you match up and build your base on that.

Lets’ begin with the basics – what really is ‘brand experience’? In simple words, it’s the lasting impression consumers have of you, as well as the long-term reactions to your marketing efforts. It’s tangible and describes the emotional experience customers have – so think of it holistically as one of your most important tools as well as assets.
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Think of Baskin Robbins, for example, when you think of them you’re reminded of the number of flavors they have and the distinct bakery smell you get in their stores. You’ll likely even associate the brand with happiness, family bonding, friends outings – thus intermingling the brand with your life. Their brand experience goes beyond the consumption of ice cream – and is instead focused on creating moments and emotional connections over time.

However, it’s important to remember that brand experience is rather subjective. Not everyone will react similarly, so your first task is to carefully narrow down your target market and understand them at a deeper, psychological level. Neutrality is your worst enemy – so make sure you’re able to effectively resonate with customers.

Okay, how do we keep up with all of this? Here are 3 main questions you need to consider as you build up your brand experience strategy:


1. Are we meeting customer expectations?

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Pinpoint any issues present through social media and customer service calls – and don’t make the mistake of thinking there aren’t any problems. Keep reaching out and presenting incentives so that people actually take the time out to get back to you.

2. Are we constantly improving?
Some might be satisfied with plateauing, but I consider it one of my worst enemies. You need to ensure you’re constantly on an upward slope – so don’t be satisfied, keep grinding.

3. Are we accurately measuring results?

Often, we end up measuring input that suits our narrative – so ensure you’re receiving all kinds of feedback, the good, the bad, and the neutral. Until and unless you really explore what strikes a nerve with your audience, you’ll need to keep innovating how you deliver your message.

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