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Google Adwords Vs SEO


If you are another business man trying to compete in the highly competitive market, stuck in the endless debate of Adwords Vs SEO and can’t wait to find the genuine answers you are at the right place!

Today I’ll help you understand how google adwords and seo work and what is better? Like all of my previous blogs I’ll try to keep things easy to understand so you can heave a clear idea what you are getting into!

Now you must have heard of these weird terms like PPC, CPC, Adwords etc and you sure have no clue where you stand in the world of marketing now because of the technology that has advanced so much! So let’s begin!

Whenever you are browsing on Google, you’ll see two distinct  types of search results i.e: Organic search results, and promotional paid advertisements. The paid ads are Google adwords and the best part about these paid ads is that you can choose to pay as PPC pay-per-click (PPC) platform. That means you pay for how many times your ad has been clicked on and not the conventional method where you pay for the views! Another fascinating thing about Adwords also provides you with a suite of tools that help you create ads, one of the best of which is the Keyword Planner. The planner helps you find keywords that will trigger your ads! Cool! Isn’t it?

Now comes the ‘Free’ Organic Search Engine Optimisation. I highlighted the word free because it’s so much used for this reason! But just because it’s free lets not assume its not effective! SEO Generates Traffic That Have A Good Chance Of Converting. The Search Engine Journal reported that leads generated by SEO can go as high as 14.6% close rate which is a lot better than the 1.7% close rate you can generate from email marketing or print advertising. Also if you think that Adwords appear on the top of all our searches, that’s why they are better just FYI 70% to 80% web browsers  will simply ignore paid listings and go for the organic results. 

For the conclusion: If you are looking for a short term visibility and want to generate results faster, Adwords is the suitable option. SEO can work well if you have a long term strategic plan and can be as effective as Adwords but No one really knows the true ins and outs of Google’s algorithms. What you may deem effective might not bear any fruits. But the biggest benefits of SEO over AdWords are credibility and unlimited visitors as well as ‘reach’ that only SEO can provide. With all the honestly, I would like to add that in my own Digital Marketing Agency, we suggest our clients to go for the combination of both, and the results… they are mind-blowing!


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