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E-commerce Over the Last Decade


In simple terms, e-commerce refers to the purchasing and selling of goods online, be it through an app on your phone or a website. The industry has experienced a massive jump in popularity over the last decade, owing to the technological boom and the adaptation and usage primarily by the younger generation.

Due to its nature, it has allowed numerous companies to run their operations from a small scale and test their success in the market. With the ability to slash costs with no start up infrastructure or selling expenses, brings about a massive appeal to the industry. At the same time, this does also create a competitive environment with price wars, as comparing goods and simply reaching to a substitute has become easier than ever. 

With the perfect marketing consultant and PPC specialist, you can add more value to your e-commerce business through making perfectly balanced and effective strategies. All the information is present in our hands, and you are able to access and conduct business 24/7, a feature not logistically possible or incredibly difficult through traditional stores.

What exactly is available online? These days, any goods or services you could possibly desire can be easily found. In the early 2000’s people would be skeptical of conducting online transactions and handing over sensitive information such as house address, phone number, and most importantly card details. Now, encrypted channels and reliable external payment systems such as PayPal have managed to improve people’s confidence in e-commerce.

Popularity has only risen in the recent years, due to the convenient and swift process the industry provides. “Cyber Mondays” have become synonymous with “Black Fridays”, where even the latter have made their impact on online shopping. It is the easiest way to measure consumers changing behavior and truly understand their rationale for success. E-commerce has come a long way, and has an even longer way to go.


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