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Creative BTL Promotional Activities To Boost Your Business


When it comes to different marketing practices, marketers use the term BTL or Below The Line strategy that is dominating quite well and is the future of the marketing arena. BTL activities are known to be the promotions that use a platform to help your brand get to the top and reach a larger target audience with targeted and effective campaigns. They are followed quite a lot in the brand activation arena that can be executed at a small or large scale. Why I believe BTL is a must for your business as it can be an effective medium for garnering the hidden target customers for our brand. Today, BTL activities stand with a larger approach and have a lot to explore. Let’s get into what BTL marketing activities are important or your brand and can get your promotions better:

Brand Promotional Activities

The best part of brand promotional activities is that they are not restricted to advertising anymore. BTL activities enable brands to promote their brands at an extensive level or we can say an offbeat platform. Call it residence welfare associations, corporate sectors, malls, etc is the best way to make sure you’re promoting your brand in the limelight and give your brand the desired exposure it needs.

Brand Activation

This is the tool that helps in driving customers action through a host of interactive activities. There are many BTL activities but Brand Activation is the most popular and effective as it lays the foundation for a brand-consumer relationship. This technique relies on the bonding and user-engagement activities that can help build your brand’s recognition and credibility which automatically brings in long-term relationships with the consumers.


This is one of the most common and widely used BTL activity by the businesses and it is strongly recommended to use this in the future. It is a platform that is used to engage customers by conducting one-on-one communication via telephone. This is the oldest BTL activity but still proves to be the best as it helps you to connect with your target group directly.


When it comes to merchandising, there are different approaches as to how brands use it. It is an important pointer in BTL marketing. It not only helps brands to showcase their product in the market but also creates a powerful impression on the target groups. Merchandising has a lot of potentials as this is the point where the brands can take full advantage of creating a tremendous impression.


The list of BTL activities is incomplete without the term “exhibitions”. Exhibitions and trade shows are used a lot commonly in the world of marketing. Exhibitions give a platform for brands to showcase their products to a targeted group, boost sales and build a strong rapport with their target audience. It is always better to exhibit your brand as when it comes to exhibitions, a marketer knows what can go wrong as exhibitions are held annually and is a common practice in the marketing world.

Free Sampling & Trial Generation

This must be a familiar tool used under the name of BTL activities as you get to experience this mostly in supermarkets or general stores. The sales person makes you try their product which is a powerful form of a BTL activity and you actually get to know what the company is offering. Samples ensure repeated sales and it is a very good way to acquaint the consumer with your products. So when it comes to giving your brand the desired exposure, give BTL activity a try to make your brand flourish. All you need to do is decide the specific requirements that suit the needs of your brand, and you’re off to go!


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