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Augmented Reality Brings Iconic Art to Life


With technological advancements in every corner, Augmented Reality has become the real focus of the decade. The sudden eruption of video games especially has driven a sudden interest in the concept. Developers have taken note of this, and have recently worked on implementing this in the world of art. Their goal is to transform static artwork into experiences.

Recently, the app Artivive has taken the art world by storm, hoping to build a community for those with a passion for art. Free and easy to use as well as easily accessible, it is available to download on any phone/tablet.  Their motto #bringArtToLife envisions a world where you can immerse yourself into the artwork in front of you. Long gone were the days of analyzing static art, as this app, as it motto states, literally brings it to life with the help of animations, and gives the artwork a soul. 

This interactive experience is more likely to inspire budding artists, into creating their pieces and giving them movement for a deeper level of understanding. The expression and communication of art is now evolving with these developments, breaking the barriers and making it more accessible. The best part that is that AR does not modify the art, it only adds to it, complementing the original work and taking it to a higher level.

Here’s a video to show Artvive in action:

Slowly and steadily, more and more apps are being released with the same goal. Another prominent player is ARtscapes: Modern Art Coming to Life. This allows users to transform their own art pieces into something deeper, and bring it to life anytime. We are now able to get the effect of entering a picture, and stepping into a new world.

Artists and technological innovators are among the most creative people out there, so it is no surprise they have managed to merge AR with art for an immersive experience. These developments have just started, and are predicted to have dedicated museums for this medium by the next decade.

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