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9 Goals For Every Marketing Strategy

9 Goals For Every Marketing Strategy

Let me begin by dispelling a myth – marketing is not easy. I’m not sure where this misconception came about, but it’s definitely a massive misunderstanding. It requires someone to wear a plethora of hats – as a strategist, manager, analyst, digital marketing trainer and digital marketing consultant and so on. It’s imperative for you to be an active consultant for your brand and be aware of any changing trends.

Here are 9 goals you need to keep in mind for every marketing strategy, so feel free to use this as a checklist when you have your next planning session!


1. Increasing Brand Awareness:
This one is pretty obvious. If consumers don’t know who you are, then how do you plan on reaching them for sales? Widen your potential pool of sales, and begin by working on innovative ways to just get the word out there. Try to tell a story, and engage by building a distinct personality that people can easily recall and relate to.



2. Obtaining High-Quality Leads:

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You need these leads to turn into customers – and more importantly, you need these leads to be consistent. There are many ways to generate leads, such as content marketing, social media ads, selective retargeting, account logins, and email newsletters – among more.



3. Acquiring New Customers:
The key is then to funnel in customers by increasing brand awareness and lead generation – thus building a scaleable strategy that’s sustainable for different levels of growth. Measure your customer acquisition rate by CAC (customer acquisition cost), total, churn rate, product sign-ups, and newsletter sign-up to conversion rates.



4. Increasing Web Traffic:
Considering how the last few years have been heavily focused on expanding and solidifying your digital reach, it’s imperative to build a space that’s truly yours. Double down on your SEO traffic, build memorable ads and blogs to really carve your niche out.



5. Establishing Authority:
Regardless of whatever industry you are in, you need to be seen as an expert (if not the expert) to prove your credibility. Leadership is about customers and competitors both recognizing your space Inspire your audience, make sure you’re someone other brands look up to, and approach you for valuable partnerships. Aside from regular business, conduct panel talks, go for guest speaker sessions, create useful blogs/video content and make yourself into a thought leader for your brand.



6. Increase Customer Value:
You don’t just want to gain customers, you want to really provide value at every step. The primary focus here is to work on your existing customer base, delighting them so that you can not only induce repeat purchases – but also motivate them to get the word out, refer you to their friends and family for an increase in organic marketing. Remember, personal reviews always have a greater impact than any other marketing strategy you can devise.



7. Boost Brand Engagement:

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Wouldn’t you want to hear from your audience? What they’re liking, what they dislike, and what they aren’t responding to – arguably the worst front, considering neutrality ends up discarding the brands’ message since there’s no lasting impact made. Get people talking, you don’t want to be forgettable!



8. Increase Revenue:

Now we’re reaching the main point of our marketing funnel. The entire point of all these goals is to build the brand up and grow them further, capture the greatest possible market share till they’re able to maintain its position as a market leader. Make sure to track your annual revenue as well as your annual revenue per user, win rate, and quota attainment – amongst others, of course.



9. Improve Internal Brand:
Didn’t expect this to be the last one on this list, did you? Well, these days the role of marketing teams has greatly expanded to working on the brand holistically – which includes how customers perceive you, as well as internal communication and employee education. Ask yourselves this – Do all your colleagues fully understand the brand’s persona? Where does the brand want to go in 3,5, or 10 years? What the current consumer perceptions are? Remember, your customers are also your brand ambassadors – so make sure everyone’s on the same page!


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