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5 Keys to Improving Your Online Presence


5 Keys to Improving Your Online Presence

Along with the many benefits of having a Social Media Presence, the most appealing to me is being able to meet new people, establish new communication and strengthen old relationships. When it comes to Social Media, engaging the right audience at the right time and right place is the key.Enough said, let us now look at 5 Keys to improve your Social Media Presence:

  1. Existence on Multiple Social Media Platforms
    In today’s digital marketing world, many businesses choose to be ‘monogamist’ when it comes to establishing their digital presence. They believe that their potential clientele or target audience is available only on specific platforms, for example: Facebook or LinkedIN. They consider being present on these chosen platforms as doing justice to their digital marketing needs. However, I believe it is crucial to establish your presence across multiple platforms and tap into the audience from each of them. Focus on consistency and constant communication, and maximize your digital marketing potential.
  2. Know Your Target Audience
    The key to improving your digital presence is to know your audience, and know how to connect to them. Gather as much information as possible to analyze and understand your target audience. An in-depth analysis leads to relevant content strategies and development.
  3. Optimize Your Social Media Profile
    Are your business profiles configured well on different social media platforms? How often do you review them? Social media platforms make changes every now and then so I recommend that you review them yourselves more often than not, to make sure they are optimized. Keep them updated with all the recent developments, a customized overview with professional backgrounds and interesting images.
  4. Online Reputation Management
    Social media is a means of two way communication, which makes it a delicate playing field. Since you are directly interacting with your potential and existing clients, I suggest that you do a double check with content to avoid the unnecessary negativities on your brand page. Even then, if something goes wrong, not handling criticism is the worst mistake you could possibly do to your brand page. Handle negative feedback tactfully and also appreciate the ones who show affection for your brand.
  5. Develop an Effective Social Media Strategy
    An effective social media strategy gives you a competitive advantage. Devise a plan for your digital marketing which should actively involve your target audience, communicate your vision and help you meet the marketing objectives. It is best to define in writing your social media marketing objectives, how you wish to attract your audience, the type of content to be published and how often should it be.

Bonus Tip: While publishing content on your social media pages, use words like “we” or “our” to add a human touch to the perspective of a team rather than an individual.


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