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5 Components of a Powerful Brand Strategy


A product is nothing without a promise, a promise to fulfill the needs and desires of its target audience. A product can only turn into a powerful brand when it is enjoined with a promise to give the buyer a positive experience they’ll never forget. So how can you define what a brand is? It is the core essence to promise the consumer or buyer that our article is the best that you can get. A brand differentiates and gives you the competitive edge that your product needs. A brand can only remain a brand if it is continuously giving people the pleasant experience they promise and advertise about.
To create a powerful brand strategy and get it right can be the most important aspect as this is how your product will be identified and its image will live forever.

 It is long term and is bound by what a consumer or buyer needs – That means a great amount of understanding behind the strategy will bring up a strong purchasing decision. So here are 5 components that you need to take care of;

  • Target Audience: Whether you’re targeting B2B buyers or B2C, you should be well aware of your targets as they will create a lot of influence for your brand. You should be placing your brand in all those places who you’re reaching out to. Placing your brand somewhere where buyers are not fond of such complex buying will automatically bring your brand’s value down.

      • Brand Positioning: Brand positioning is defined as the position or images your brand holds in the minds of consumers and potential buyers. This is an essential tool as the way you position your brand is how the customer will perceive it, and that will affect your customer’s purchasing decision. This can include your brand’s tagline, positioning statement, logos, packaging, brand equity, brand persona, and all the other elements that will talk about your value of perceptions and expectations about the brand.

      • Brand Perception: You should always be aware of how your brand is perceived. Is it an expensive one? Are you famous for having low priced products? Are you actually delivering your brand to the desired target audience? Is your brand lacking positive imagery? All of these questions make sure to get a brief idea of what your brand was and how it is perceived now. Keeping an eye on all of this can give you analysis for your future branding strategies.

      • Brand Voice: The way you’ll speak about your brand all depends on the audience you are targeting. Your brand will speak about its personality; is it a brand that involves fun, or is it something classier for a niche market? The engagement of your brand with the audience can tell!

    • Brand Promise: Lastly, our brand is all about the promise it is talking about. Is it keeping up and delivering to what it says? Is your brand living up to all the expectations that a consumer wants? Your brand’s promise will only talk about the message that it wants to be heard. It should be specific and to the point, covering everything your brand is promising about.


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